Bramley Line
Bramley Line

Coldham Station

Coldham station was the first to close on the line in 1966 and served the villiage of Coldham. We propose to reopen this station to the public and make the railway around the station a pleasant place to be.

What will be provided at Coldham?
Coldham station will located at it's original site, but will be set back from Station road slightly, because we are mindful that local residents will not necessarly want the trains stopping right outside their houses. It is the intention to refurbish and use the only remaining building on the line, the Gents Toilet block at Coldham.

There used to be two platforms, one each side of the crossing, will this be the same?
No. To start with, a Single platform will be provided at Coldham on the March side of the crossing. The platform ramp will start just before the old gents toilet block. The platform will be accessed by a pathway from the main road. The other platform will not be constructed until the run round loop is built at a later date, and will be built opposite the first platform.

What else will there be at Coldham?
The intention is that in time, Coldham will get a Station Building, made to look authentic and also a signal box. It is hoped to provide a small picnic area.

Will the trains always be going over the crossing day and night?
No. Heritage Railways tend to operate mainly at weekends and during the week in the summer months. There are no plans to run trains 24 hours, 7 days a week by our group. Most of the Engineering work will be done when the trains are not operating and during the day. A Normal timetable will consist of 5 trains per day each way.
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