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Waldersea Station

Waldersea station is a new station proposed by the Bramley Line Heritage Railway Trust. It will be a single platform station on the Wisbech side of the crossing. It will provide an intermediate stopping point on the line and is idea for Friday Bridge and some cycle routes.

What will be provided at Waldersea
Waldersea station will be constructed of a temporary platform.
A proper brick platform will be provided at a later date. The station will represent a quiet rural fenland station, similar to that of Middle Drove, or Smeeth Road would have been.  

What else will there be at Waldersea?
Waldersea will be the location where we plan to build a shed on the site of the former goods sidings on the March side of the crossing. It is the plan to keep all our trains under cover and under lock and key to prevent Vandalism. Visitors to Waldersea will be able to visit the sheds. A couple of sidings will also be provided here too. It is also hoped to provide a Signal Box for the crossing gates and a picnic and garden area next to the station.

If the shed is going to be built here, will it not create lots of noise?
No. Any work going on in the shed will be done during the day. 

Will there be a Booking Office here?
No, Waldersea station will be unstaffed.

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