Bramley Line
Bramley Line

Wisbech East Station

The new Wisbech East station will be built just off Weasenham Lane, between Weasenham Lane and Newbridge Lane.

What will be provided at Wisbech East
Wisbech East will have a reasonable sized car park for visitors. This will be acheived by removing the track from Weasenham Lane back towards Newbridge Lane. The station will initally feature 1 platform built from a temporary scaffolding material. Once the line is established, a new station will be built here, with up to 3 platforms and a run round loop, shop, buffet and toilets. 

What else will there be at Wisbech East?
It is planned to develop Wisbech East station into the main hub of the railway. Once well established, we would look to move forward on Station Buildings, with a shop and a cafe' being provided.

Will Wisbech open at the same time as the rest of the railway?
No, Wisbech will not open in the initial stage of the lines existance. This is because the majority of major works required are north of Waldersea. The Level Crossings at Wisbech on the A47 and Redmoor Lane require a great deal of work following vandalism, as well as a great deal of work to clear the vegetation on the line in the Wisbech area.

Will there be a Booking Office here?
Yes, Wisbech East station will be staffed and will have a Station Master, Booking Clerk and Platform Staff.

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