Bramley Line 


The Line

The line runs between the railway town of March and the Market town of Wisbech at the very edge of Cambridgeshire. There is a lot of work which would need done to reopen the line, including a huge amount of sleepers to replace, some rails and chairs to replace, as well as building of platforms.

The Line starts at March Station and is still connected to the mainline. Leaving March, the line curves to the right and actually curves back on itself, before heading towards Coldham.



From Elm Road Level Crossing to Wisbech is almost a dead straight line, with one gentle curve as you leave Coldham Station. The Line has 6 Level Crossings of note, these include 2 Automatic Half Barrier (AHB) crossings, 3 Manually operated Level Crossing Gates, 2 Automatic Open Level Crossings (AOCLS).

Original layouts:     Waldersea Drove       L.N.E.R Coldham

For more details and historical background on the line please see the entry on Wikipedia

The only original part of the stations left is the old gents toilet block at Coldham, which is still there amongst the trees and weeds.

The Bramley Line Heritage Railway Trust plans to create a small depot site at Waldersea, which used to be a Goods Depot. There is space there for some small items to be stored, and it is hoped to have a visitor centre of such established there to raise money for the group.  Like everything, all these things take time, and can only happen with the volunteers available to do the work.


Bramley Line - UK Location map
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Bramley Line - Detailed route map
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