Bramley Line  



By becoming a member of the Bramley Line, you will be supporting this exciting railway reinstatement project. As a member, you will be invited to attend meetings and social events which are arranged throughout the year. You may also wish to become involved in our fundraising team. 

Each paid up member receives a copy of our quarterly newsletter, which it is hoped will be developed into a magazine as the group grows. It is an excellent way to keep in touch with us, and for us to keep in touch with you.

Each member has the chance to volunteer to work on the Railway. No skills are required for this as training will be given. Currently volunteers are working on a variety of projects to improve the area around the railway line.
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            Membership Fees for 2018/9  
Annual Membership:
Individual                12.00                                                                                         
Couple                     18.00                                                                                                  
Family                     24.00                                                                                      
Individual Life Membership ONLY for the over 55's      250.00                                                            
Individual Life Membership ONLY for the over 65's      150.00                               
Corporate Membership         100.00 

Choose one of the payment options below, 

or if you prefer sending in a postal application :-  Click Here to download and print off your membership form. 
 Completed forms should be sent to:

  Bramley Line Heritage Railway Trust
  Waldersea Depot,
  Long Drove,
  Friday Bridge, WISBECH
  PE14 0NP

  Cheques/Postal orders should be made payable to 
 "Bramley Line Appeal Fund"

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